福彩快3例如: The best way to learn about a foreign country is to read newspapers and magazines from that country?Do you agree or disagree?( 托福題庫)


福彩快3第一段: 背景介紹,寫作目的

Never has ……in our community been as severe as it now is. ……is soaring at an alarming rate, for reasons which are not easily explained. This essay will attempt to discover some of the reasons and explore some possible solutions.


1 \。energy crisis n 能源危機

福彩快32 \。various depletion of natural resources n 各種能源的消耗

福彩快3第二段: 發展的三個原因:

One the of most contributing factors of ……could be attributed to ……By that I mean, ……Still, ……often exert great negative influence on ……,because……Last, .is also the root cause of ……,……

三段: 部署解決策略:

福彩快3Considering the seriousness of the issue, it is imperative to implement some practical solutions. First,the government should give priority to .More precisely, to enact relevant legislations to.Further, much emphasis should 4.Last, .must take every step necessary to ……

最后一段: 總結全文: 強調齊心協力;

Only when the government, society and every family join hands in resolving the issue will we ……

點評: 政府做; 媒體做; 企業做; 個人做.

福彩快3背景: 中國正在建設節約型社會。


1 \。不斷增長的需求 -- 滿足需求 -- 依靠高科技產品,利用自然能源

2 \。缺乏意識-宣傳教育-提高環保節能意識

福彩快33 \。不合理利用 -- 資源浪費 -- 合理布局

評論: 水污染; 森林砍伐;


1 \。almost uses up the world fuel resources v 幾乎耗盡了世界的燃料資源

月 .lead to energy crisis v 導致能源危機

3 \。consume the energies and resources v 消耗能源和資源

福彩快3評論: 主題是各種交通和現代建筑。

回答 Wendy 問題: 為什么建筑物消耗木材,因為每個房子的裝飾都需要吊頂。

福彩快34 \。Alarmingly,we, human beings, are now facing a series of resource-related problems such as water scarcity or various depletion of natural recourses although our economy keeps on increasing. 具有諷刺意味的是,盡管我們的經濟正在上升,但我們人類正面臨著一系列與能源相關的問題,如缺水和自然資源的消耗。

【名師點評】: 個性開口; 劍第一段。

5 \。Ironically, the history of the development of economic development is also a history of man 's increasing destruction of nature. 具有諷刺意味的是,經濟發展的歷史也是人類不斷破壞自然的歷史。

福彩快3分析: Ironically adv 諷刺的是.

福彩快36 \。Alarmingly,the depletion of natural resources has long been a problem of great concern and complaint in many cities around the globe. 在世界上,許多國家抱怨和關注的問題之一是自然資源的消耗。

福彩快3【名師點評】: 題目的開場白 7 \。To avoid an oil shortage, more productions must harness natural energy such as solar energy,wind energy and tidal energy 。為了避免石油短缺,更多的生產應該使用太陽能、風能和潮汐能等自然能源。

分析: 荷蘭風車發電。

分析: harness v 利用 (特別是自然能源)

福彩快3解釋: harness: control and use a natural force to produce electrical power, etc 控制和利用 (自然力) 產生電能等:

福彩快3示例: harness a river, a waterfall, the sun 's rays as a source of energy 使用河水 _ 瀑布,陽光作為能量。

8 \。To develop and popularize cleaner cars could effectively ease the excessive consumption of fuels. 環保汽車的研發和普及可以有效緩解過度的油耗。

福彩快3【名師點評】: 有效例子

9 \。The public should also be encourage to take public transit 應該鼓勵公眾乘坐公共交通工具。

評論: 環保能源話題的通用解決方案之一。

10 \。raise the environmental awareness amongst the general public v 提高公眾的環保意識。

福彩快311 \。Also, efforts should be made by experts to explore and popularize new eco-friendly fuels and energies. 專家們努力開發和普及新型環保燃料和能源。

12 \。To illustrate, to research and tap fuel-cell-driven cars could effectively ease the energy crisis triggered by public transport. 發展電池驅動汽車可以有效緩解公共交通帶來的能源危機。

解析: fuel-cell-driven cars n 電池驅動汽車

福彩快3分析: fuel 燃料; cell 電池; drive v 駕駛

【名師點評】: 寫作亮點; 一針見血; 必有。

福彩快313 \。It is the duty of everyone of us to cultivate energy preservation awareness. For example, fostering water-wise lifestyle, leading a simple lifestyle should be advocated amongst the general public. 每個人都有責任培養節能意識。例如,培養節水的生活方式和簡單的生活應該在公眾中普及。

分析: amongst the general public 在公共

分析: among = amongst in。.中等 (三個以上)

14 \。New types of fuel will definitely be found and then, substitute some highly polluted fuels. 肯定會找到新的燃料來代替高度污染的燃料。

評論: 新能源的研發是環保的普遍解決方案

15 \。New type of fuel is characteristic of low-consumption and eco-? friendliness. 新能源具有低消耗、環保的特點。

福彩快3分析: is characteristic of .v 有。.特點

16 \。Obviously, man depends on nature for survival and development. 顯然,人類的生存和發展依賴于自然。

【名師點評】: 強調節能的重要性。

福彩快317 \。There are still many problems in energy protection in recent years. 近年來,能源保護仍然面臨許多問題。

福彩快318 \。The fact is that the depletion of various natural resources has deteriorated beyond people 's imagination. 事實上,能源消耗的程度遠遠超出人們的想象。

分辨率: deteriorate v 劣化

19 \。Those who destroy the environment indiscriminately should be penalized severely. 凡肆無忌憚破壞自然者,應嚴懲。

分析: discriminate v 區別?

分析: indiscriminately adv 不分青紅皂白?

福彩快320 \。It is high time that we reversed this trend and got people to adopt a simpler life style and cherished our planet 's limited resources. 我們應該扭轉這一趨勢,讓人們適應更簡單的生活方式,珍惜我們這個星球上有限的自然資源。這件事已經迫在眉睫了。

【名師點評】: 虛擬語氣; 結尾段總結; 寫劍。

福彩快3解析: It is high time that we .是的。.是時候強調應該這樣做了,但它沒有)

福彩快321 \。One of the most distributing issues concerning our environment is the shortage of fresh water. 如今,最令人不安的問題之一是淡水資源的缺乏。

【名師點評】: 如果淡水短缺被資源短缺所取代,則是對全文背景的概述。

22 \。It is universally accepted that fresh water is crucial to human life and our daily life. 正如我們所知,淡水對人類的生活和日常生活至關重要。

福彩快3解析: is crucial to .是的。.至關重要

解析: it is universally accepted that .人們普遍認為.

23 \。Water pollution is known to be the major factor that has caused the scarcity. 水污染被認為是造成水資源短缺的主要原因。

分析:.is known to be the major factor that has caused ……是為了引起。.的主要來源 (談句型的原因)

福彩快324 \。The government is urged to take feasible measures to ease the scarcity of natural resources. 要求政府采取可行措施緩解資源短缺。

25 \。The public should also be educated to cultivate a water-wise life style

福彩快3and to treasure other natural resources. 應教育公眾養成節水的生活方式,并珍惜其他自然資源。 更多優質雅思寫作話題觀點語料,在 麥考瑞 雅思頻道,強點無討論。我們認真收集和準備雅思考試。祝大家早點和雅思分手。

你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

發表于 2020-03-14


福彩快31,Ms McCarthy already works at the EPA, where she is in charge of air quality. That has given her a leading role drafting the administration 's most _ ambitious and controversial _ environmental rules, including limits _ on emissions of greenhouse gases _ for new _ power plants _ and _ strict fuel-? efficiency requirements _ for cars. She is the natural candidate to oversee the most obvious and _ consequential _ step Mr Obama could take to _ stem _ global warming: a regulation _ curbing _ emissions from existing power plants.

Ambitious: 1 雄心勃勃 2 費力、費時,許多學生知道這個詞的第一個意思,但很少有人知道它的第二個意思,這是普通單詞的不尋常用法。

Controversial: 有爭議

福彩快3limits on emissions of greenhouse gases: 限制溫室氣體排放。這些話是很常見的,是必須要學會的。

power plants: 發電廠

strict fuel-efficiency requirements: 嚴格的能效要求

福彩快3consequential: 1 以下兩個重要的將產生重大的結果。第二個用法很好。

福彩快3Stem: n. stem; v. stop,包含。動詞用法很好,可以用來代替 prevent.

福彩快3Curb: vt. 一直是有限的 (壞東西),可以替換為上面的 stem。

福彩快32 、 Republicans do not like that idea at all, and have introduced bills in Congress _ to strip the EPA of _ its regulatory authority over greenhouse gases. (They also have no intention of passing any measures of their own to fight climate change.) They often accused Lisa Jackson, the agency 's previous boss, of _ disregarding the cumulative impact of _ its many clean-air rules, and suffocating industry as a result.

福彩快3Strip sb. of sth. 剝奪某人的某物

disregarding the cumulative impact of: 忽略累積影響。

福彩快3Suffocating: 呼吸困難,壓迫性。

發表于 2020-03-14
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